Promotions Example 3: Upgrade Access After Time 
How to enhance access for longer standing members:

Some site owners opt to reward users who have been members of their site for a significant time by giving them access to features that newer members don’t. This example deals with how to set this up.

For this example, we will use the following criteria:

- Initial Usergroup: Registered Users
- ‘Enhanced Member’ Usergroup: Enhanced Members
- Length of Time Registered: 730

As all new users go into the Registered Users usergroup by default, simply adjust the permissions for this group to what you wish them to have. Then, you need to setup the usergroup for those members who will have enhanced access. To do this, create a new usergroup based off the Registered Users usergroup and set the permissions to give them the enhanced level of access..

For more information on usergroups and permissions, please see this section of the manual relating to these.

Once you have your usergroups setup to your needs, you should create the appropriate Promotion. Using the criteria above, your Promotions screen should look like this:

<<<Screenshot of Promotions screen with the following criteria>>>

Explanation:Note that the ‘Reputation Level’ and ‘Posts’ values although completed will have no effect on this Promotion as the Strategy has been set to ‘Join Date’. Once the above have been set, click the Save button.

Now complete, this Promotion will move active users from the ‘Registered Users’ usergroup to the ‘Enhanced Members’ usergroup once they have been registered for 730 days in your forum.
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