Native Advertising on vBulletin Sites from Nativo

Native advertising has emerged as one of the most effective and lucrative forms of online advertising. vBulletin has partnered with one of the leaders in native advertising, Nativo, to provide an excellent means of generating revenue from your vBulletin site.

As background, native advertising entails brand marketing served within the context of content and community websites, with the marketing material matching the look and feel of each site, while clearly being labeled as sponsored content. From the website publisher perspective native advertising provides a good opportunity for incremental ad revenue, in part because native advertising tends to provide relatively high engagement among users. It's also appealing to websites because the marketing content is consumed on the website rather than having users click through to advertisers' sites.

vBulletin has integrated Nativo's native ad functionality into vBulletin (starting with version 5.2.3) as a new monetization option. It's also available for vBulletin 4 as a plug-in. For sites enabling Nativo, native ads will be shown in your site's topic list, with these links clicking through to pages on your site displaying marketing content from Nativo's network of advertisers.

The set-up is quite easy, mostly just enabling Nativo in the vB5 AdminCP or downloading and installing the plug-in for vB4. vBulletin site admins will also need to set up a Nativo account directly with Nativo.

No ad sales work is required of vBulletin sites, as this is handled entirely by Nativo. Nativo is particularly strong sourcing advertisers in categories including auto, home & garden, and family & parenting. Because Nativo is actively selling its network of publisher sites, it needs to be assured adequate ad inventory will be available on these sites. Thus, they generally work with sites generating at least a million page views per month.

Additional info on Nativo is available here and at vBulletin customers can sign up for Nativo at: Forum admins' questions may be answered by Nativo at [email protected].

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