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Now there are two great options for launching your vBulletin community site:

  •  Host vBulletin 5 Connect yourself
  •  Use vBulletin Cloud and we'll handle your hosting, site maintenance and upgrades for you

vBulletin 5 Connect

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  •  Enticing content discovery
  •  More content generation
  •  Engaging social functionality
  •  Streamlined photos & videos


  •  Launch site in as little as 15 min.
  •  Easily customized page templates
  •  Extensive personalization
  •  Optimized mobile experience


  •  Excellent moderation control
  •  Built-in SEO
  •  Strong security
  •  World-class support


  •  Easy, non-technical site admin
  •  Hardware & hosting provided
  •  All key functionality included
  •  Low cost and no commitment

vBulletin Customers

At the core of vBulletin is the forum software. This software powers many of the largest social sites on the web. Over 100,000 sites are built on vBulletin, including: