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vBulletin Ticket System (Ticketid: 1078360)
Is Vbullettin able to fullfill these requirements?
Giuseppe Calamita
02nd Jul 2011 02:45am
is one of your apllications able to fulfill these:
1 - A moderator post an article focusing on one topic,
2 - every user may write opinions about that topic;
3 - a user may evaluate with a score voting system the other user's opinion on the posted article with a numeric vote ranging from: -5 to +5; if the user post a flame the moderator may add him/her a negative score (ranging from -1 to -5);
4 - the score system have to manage automatically the user score with a data base (of all the users) and a mechanism similar to a forum application (newbye, rookie, manager, senior etc.);
5 - every user has its own avatar and score displayed that every one may see;
6 - every user will have a public profile where are displayed all of his opinions (with links) related to all of the topics he writed opinions on.
If not may you give me a quote about the money necessary to custom develop all of those please?

Thank you.
Steve Machol
02nd Jul 2011 10:44am

Thank you for your interest in the vBulletin Forum Software and for contacting vBulletin Sales.

1. Yes, that can be done.

2. Yes.

3. There is no system to do that in vBulletin. . This requires modifying the code. We cannot officially support code modifications or forums running modified code, however you can try searching or asking about this over at http://www.vbulletin.org.

4. There is no scoring system inn vB like that.

5. Users can have their own avatars, but again there is no scoring system.

6. Yes, public profiles are available.

Best regards,
Steve Machol
Customer Support Manager, vBulletin

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