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  • Recovering a hacked vBulletin Site

    Recovering a hacked vBulletin Site


    Having your site hacked is something no owner wants to experience due to the fact it takes quite a bit of effort to fix, often times requiring payment to a experienced third-party when a owner feels inundated by the sheer amount of work required to troubleshoot and remedy the situation.
    • Site has been defaced - This is the most blatant form of hacking where your sites pages have been replaced with a very disruptive and sometimes rude message from the hacker themselves.
    • Error Messages - These can vary from extra text on the page all the way up to database errors that do not allow the page to display properly.
    • Odd behavior - If your site is simply acting up, it seems to have began out of nowhere and you've checked with your host in regards to recent changes and none have been made it's quite possible you have been hacked. *Redirects to external sites, inability to post (database errors, blank pages etc), and anything that simply seems "odd".

    Initial Steps

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  • The vBulletin Mobile Suite v1.2 is Now Available

    The vBulletin Mobile Suite v1.2 is Now Available

    According to the most current industry data, mobile web usage is not only here to stay, but it’s fast becoming the preferred mode of internet browsing for more and more people around the world. The global web community is “going mobile”, and now you have the opportunity to position your forum on the cutting edge of this trend.

    The vBulletin Mobile Suite is a premium mobile solution that allows for the creation of branded mobile apps customized specifically for your forum. The Suite gives your community members...
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  • Editing Sections

    Editing Sections

    There are a number of different elements of a Section in the CMS that you can edit, including (but not exclusively):

    - renaming
    - setting a specific style
    - changing the layout
    - changing what's viewed in a Section

    As opposed to creating a Section, these changes are made via the user visible, or 'front end', side of the CMS. For all of the following, you need to go to the Section page you wish to edit and click on the pencil icon beside the Section name:

    To rename a Section, simply remove the contents of the 'Name' field and enter the new title you wish to give it. Then, change the SEO URL Alias value to match the Section name and edit the Metadata Information box to reflect the changes also:

    Once you've updated these details, simply press the 'Save' button and your changes will be applied:

    When making changes to the CMS Sections, it's always advisable to Clear the CMS Cache and this should be done after each of the actions in this article. To do this, access AdminCP > vBulletin CMS and press the Clear CMS Cache Option:

    Each Section can have a different layout as defined in the CMS Layout Manager in AdminCP. To change the Layout, simply click on the 'Layout' dropdown on the Section Edit page:

    Each Section within the vBulletin CMS can have it's own style defined to it and the articles within that Section. Once you've created a style you wish to use for a specific Section, you need to assign that style to the Section itself. From the Section edit screen, simply change the dropdown to the style you wish to use for that section:

    After making either of these changes to the Section, click on 'Save' then clear the CMS Cache in AdminCP.

    Each Section can
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  • CMS Slideshow Widget

    CMS Slideshow Widget

    I couldn't find a simple step by step guide on how to implement a slideshow onto the vBulletin CMS so I decided to create one. This tutorial was created for a few people who've pm'd me about how to implement the "Nivo Slider."

    This is a very quick and simple tutorial on how to create a CMS Slideshow Widget on your vBulletin site. This utilizes the open source "Nivo Slider" and has been optimized for the vBulletin CMS.

    You can see more examples of it here...

    For proper installation, please make sure you follow all steps in order.



    Step 1 - Download and Edit Files
    • Download and extract the "" attachment from this article (located below).
    • Important!- Edit the "style.css" file(inside css folder) and change all the "" to your vBulletin site url.

    Step 2 - Upload Files
    Upload the "Slideshow" folder to your vBulletin root directory via FTP.

    Step 3 - Add Template
    Go to your vBulletin Admin Control Panel -> Style Manager -> Add New Template

    Input the following....
        vB Slideshow 
    $(window).load(function() {
            effect:'slideInLeft', // Specify sets like: 'fold,fade,sliceDown'
            animSpeed:250, // Slide transition speed
            pauseTime:8000, // How long each slide will show
            startSlide:0, // Set starting Slide (0 index)
            directionNav:false, // Next & Prev navigation
            directionNavHide:false, // Only show on hover
            controlNav:true, // 1,2,3... navigation
            controlNavThumbs:false, // Use thumbnails for Control Nav
            controlNavThumbsFromRel:false, // Use image rel for thumbs
    captionOpacity:1, // Universal caption opacity
            keyboardNav:true, // Use left & right arrows
            pauseOnHover:true, // Stop animation while hovering
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  • FAQ: How to install CMS in Root, Forums in subdirectory

    FAQ: How to install CMS in Root, Forums in subdirectory

    Have you been pulling out your hair trying to figure out how in the world to simply install the vBulletin Suite's CMS or "portal" page as your front page in the root directory (e.g. ) and your forums in the forums directory? (e.g. )

    Well, here's the How To guide, courtesy of me after trying to figure what all the confusing instructions in 48 different places meant. I've just done this clean install on a fresh site and it appears that it works...

    1) Create a "forums" directory off the root (or call it "forum" if you prefer, whatever). If you're a novice, the root is the top level of your web site or in this example case. Using FTP it's /home/sitename/public_html/ or something similar like:


    but you get the point.

    2) Upload the entire vB4 Suite into that "forums" directory, not into the root, and install into that /forums/ directory. That would be /home/sitename/public_html/forums/

    NOTE: Install the sample CMS content. You can delete it later but at least you can tell if your install works properly.

    3) The manual entry here explains the same thing although hopefully this will make it a little clearer for you:

    What you need to do is create five blank text files called:

    - content.php
    - editor.php
    - list.php
    - widget.php
    - index.php.

    If your forum directory is called "forums", you can copy the exact text corresponding to each file into that file, e.g. the four lines below content.php will be copied into the content.php file. Then you will upload all those five files into your root directory: /home/fixxeraccount/public_html/

    Note: If you've installed your vb forum into a directory other than one called "forums", just replace the red "forums" text with "forum" or whatever directory you use for each of the five files below. If you need to understand what is going on, all these files are telling the browser that the files it needs to run the CMS portion in the back end are really contained in your forums directory so use them... but still outpu...
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