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    I'm adding my Google Author Profile (Brian Shea) to this site, mainly because I can't seem to edit/change my username from TotalBS.

    I'm not complaining, especially since I don't really come here often, except for upgrades. But, I think having a profile here showing that I joined way way way back in April 2000 might give a little hint that I might have a wee bit of experience in Web Development and Community building.

    Even with the 'free' OpenSource forum projects out there, I still think vBulletin is the best choice for any serious community forum. I'm not knocking phpBB or the others. They are great. But this old dog software has constantly updated and changed along with the needs and technology of the web.

    I don't expect anyone to read this far, nor need my assistance for a web project. But, I shall put my contact info here just in case someone needs to honest guidance and help with their website management, or Google Apps setup and management, or email security and archiving and compliance. Contact me at

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    I had NO idea this would show up in the main forums. Ugh.
    I thought this 'activity' would just remain on my profile page (which no one would really have reason to visit).

    Is there a way for this to just stay on my profile, without basically 'spamming' the community? If not, I'll remove it.

    And... shhhhh, what kind of web management person doesn't know this stuff? Well, maybe one that hasn't worked with forums in years while instead focusing on server admin, CMS security and management, email security and, oh, plenty of other mumbo jumbo.
    Just as many may focus their work on WordPress, or vBulletin, or Photoshop, or Joomla... we cannot know all things about all things.
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