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  • Types of Forum Allowed on Cloud

    I wanted to try out vBulletin for a new forum so I was going to start with the cloud version. I wanted to better understand what types of websites you guys allow. For instance, the forum I was going to create, I wouldn't put it past users to post videos and posts similar to what's seen on reddit. What's allowed versus what's not when using cloud version, or either for that matter?

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    The download version allows anything so long as it is legal where you live or host. Our cloud version has greater restrictions such as no adult themed sites. To read both the license agreement and cloud service agreement which species the limits please check here:

    Please note that for both versions while it is easy to embed videos (such as from youtube) uploading video clips directly to the site is more difficult. The software allows file attachments but there is no media player included with the software. Therefore you would need to create a custom BBCode to play (for example) mp4 videos directly. There is a topic around here that documents how to do this but video files can be huge and the software is not designed for attachments the size of full length, HD videos. It would not be an ideal combination. Embedding off site is much preferable.


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      I created a video player mod for self-hosted version. I didn't create one for vBCloud (although technically possible) due to the attachment size and bandwidth restrictions of vBCloud.

      GIPHY for vB5 | AutoLinker | User Social Network Icons in Postbit | Audio Attachments Player | Clear System Cache Cron | Drag-n-Drop Upload | Topic AJAX AutoUpdate | Force Read Topic | and a lot more...


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