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Voting system and "approved" technical answers

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  • Voting system and "approved" technical answers

    I am wondering if VBulletin has a voting options on post.
    For example, in my forum I would like to have a section for "Submit your ideas". I wan users to be able to vote on the topic or ideas submitted on this forum and the most popular idea to always sit on top of the tread. Is there something that could allow me to do this on SMF?

    Also, I am curious to see if the moderator of the forum could actually mark the posts as "approved". This as to do with technical forum.
    Let's say a user is posting a question, the community answers but internally the moderator can either "approve" the answers or classified it as "not approved" and provide more insights. This is to prevent the community to provide technical inaccuracy about our product.

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    The system has Likes. There is no voting on individual topics other than that. There is currently no way to mark a reply as the "Answer."

    You can set up the system so that all posts are moderated and must be approved in order to be viewed by the end users.
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