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Analysis of Migration from SMF to vBulletin

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  • Analysis of Migration from SMF to vBulletin

    I'm planning on migrating from my SMF 2.0.15 installation to another forum CMS like vBulletin

    There are some features I'm currently using, and I would like to know to which extent vBulletin could manage to do the same. Here we go

    1. The migration process:

    A) Apparently, I think it's going to be extremely painful, especially the Pretty URLs migration process since I'm using a not-official mod (SMF does not support Pretty URL). I think I will have to use some SEO tools like Ahrefs so I don't have to adapt 100% of Pretty URL and permit that the new board use their system, except for "top-URL" already relevant to Google

    But I would like to know if there is an excellent converter that at least permits:

    B) Migration of users (especially considering that some are already "registered" through a plugin called "OneAll Social Login".
    I'm currently centralising all the registering process through Google+/FB with this site (OneAll)
    So I'm not sure if this would be respected (probably not, so all users that registered with OneAll will lose their accounts on migration)
    C) Migration of passwords
    D) Migration of Forum, Categories and Subcategories
    F) Migration of Posts
    G) Migration of Post-Redirects
    H) Migration of Bans
    I) Migration of some stats (Posts views essentially and posts per user)
    J) Migration of user groups (At least basic users + moderators + administrators)

    2. Key Features. My board have some features that I've been introducing through several Mods. Some could be trivial but other things not so much.
    I would like to know which would stay and which will be lost:

    A) Social login through OneAll (in case 1.B it's possible, to keep OneAll or something similar, but users can keep their social access)
    B) Gravatar Avatars linked
    C) RSS Feed Poster: I have some RSS forums linked to certain parts of the forum. I have a cronjob that checks every X minutes to see if there is a new RSS entry an auto posts the new posts abstract as a new post
    D) reCAPTCHA security for sign-ups and new users postings
    E) Google Analytics simple integration
    F) Simple Embeds (Youtube videos specially, just by posting the youtube video, the video appears)
    G) SMTP STARTTLS compatibility (LOGIN+PLAIN modes) for sending emails from the forum
    H) A nice "Thanking System"
    I) All links are obfuscated by: "Register to see links".
    J) Google Schema + Facebook Open Graph + Twitter cards meta generators
    K) Possibility of manually managing nofollow links (for example, avoiding that
    L) Possibility of manually managing noindex,dofollow pages
    M) Possibility of manually managing canonical pages.
    N) Related topics in each post
    O) Alert system that includes: 1. Mentions (@user) 2. Liked post 3. Replies to one's thread
    P) Adsense good Ad Management system (and anti-Adblocker if possible!)
    Q) Top Menu Editor (to introduce some redirections or whatever)

    3. Minor Features: Any of these will be highly appreciated
    A) Disable "last edit" for Administrators: If an admit edit a self-post, or others post no last-edit appears if desired
    B) Disable Subject Change for posts with an answer
    C) Simple mechanism of changing the Post Authorship to a different member
    D) Spoiler BBcode Tags
    E) Multi-Quoting system

    4. The extra important bit:
    There is a particular functionality that we are using a lot: POST PREFIXES
    Post prefixes are like a Tag [TAG] that are in front of posts like [Category1] [Category2], and they even have colours
    There are multiple categories. This is useful to search for specific type of posts with that tag in front and also useful to quickly identify them
    The problem here is that there are like +1.000 posts with this tags, so mainly I would like to know to which extent this could be a hassle and if there is already an integration feature in the system to do this
    The mod we are using is: SMF Post Prefix

    This is all I need for a full "perfect" migration to a new CMS. I know it's pretty a lot, but If I cannot at least get more than what I already have, it doesn't make much sense the considerable effort to switch system. When I created the forum, I never knew it was going to grow enough to be interesting to pay for something more professional with pro-support and all that, but know I think it's an excellent opportunity. We currently have approx. 20K/users per month so it's not a huge forum, but big enough to be taken with more care.

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    Honestly I didn't read all of this because unfortunately there are no official importers from SMF to VB5. There is a free open source importer called Impex that may import your basic stuff like users, posts, forums, threads, attachments, (default features of SMF) but no passwords, and it would be into VB 4.x. Passwords would need to be reset.

    In theory if there was an importer for VB5 there would be a way to keep existing passwords but we do not have any software to import into VB5 directly. On VB5 URL options are limited, it is unlikely to match what you have now.

    There are a couple of 3rd party importing services but we do not endorse them and you would need to contact them for what they can offer.

    Sorry we cannot be of more assistance. For more info on Impex and the 3rd party import services see here:

    If you're ok with those limitations I can go through the rest item by item.
    Last edited by Joe D.; Mon 18th Jun '18, 7:46am.


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