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Verify a secondhand license

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  • Verify a secondhand license

    Iím thinking of purchasing a second hand license but I want to make sure I can verify
    1. Itís Valid
    2. Still active
    I also would like to know is it possible to transfer from xenforo to vbulletin

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    You would need to contact with the license number and seller's name and they can verify if it is able to be transferred. While being valid doesn't guarantee a safe transaction (that cannot be guaranteed with a 2nd hand purchase) it reduces the chance of complications later.

    All VB4 and VB5 licenses are active for life, though access to ticket support varies. Only VB4 Publishing Suite (also called VB4 Forums / Blogs / CMS) have lifetimee ticket support. VB4 Forum Only and VB5 licenses will have expired ticket support but will always have forum support and issues can be elevated to ticket support if forum staff deetermine there is a need to do so for no cost.

    VB 3.x licenses are not active, you can download whatever old version of VB 3.x they had access to when they expired, but none of them will be current or safe versions of VB 3.x to run.

    As for importing from Xenforo we do not offer that service. We would suggest you try a 3rd party conversion service such as We don't endorse any I know other customers have used them successfully.


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      Ok thanks and I'll gain access to as well


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        Yes if a VB license is transferred to you, you can browse as a licensed user.


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