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    Couple questions.
    thinking about stating a site where is would just be polls/surveys? Is there an option to just have people post polls and turn off replies etc. thanks

    would I be able to have advertising from companies on my vbulletin website?

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    To my surprise, yes, I just confirmed with VB5 Channel Permissions you can create usergroups who can only post polls and/or who can only respond to polls but not post replies.

    As for advertising, you can have any advertising you want on the download product. On our vBCloud platform your advertising would need to follow our service agreement like any other content- no pornography, and some other restrictions but none so far as general advertising.


    • horsegoer
      horsegoer commented
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      Thank you for that. So I'm going to buy the download version. I guess I would need separate hosting to go live, correct? Anything else that's a must? Thanks.
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    • Trevor Hannant
      Trevor Hannant commented
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      All you need to install vBulletin is:

      - domain name
      - hosting (see below)
      - vBulletin itself!

      vBulletin 5.3.2 requires PHP 5.6.0 and MySQL 5.1.5 cURL to be installed.

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    I would advise you to check the vBulletin Hosting Options forum on this site for customer recommendations of sites known to work well with vBulletin.


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