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Is a tiered membership system possible?

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  • Is a tiered membership system possible?

    Does Vbulletin connect offer “tiered membership”....I noticed it mentions “granular priveleges” in the spec......

    I am really interested in functionality that would see people paying a monthly subscription which sees them being able to do more things compared to the basic free membership....specifically I would like them to be able to make use of the chat feature and an unlimited number of posts whereas free members won't have access to chat and would only be able to post say for example 3 times in any 24 hour period. Is this or at least something similar possible?

    Thanks alot

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    While tired membership is possible you can't restrict the number of times a day people can post or the chats they send. You can prevent them from being able to post in specific forums, prevent them from being able to see certain forums, prevent them from replying to topics in certain forums, and the like. You may be able to disable people from chatting completely (using the PM system) based on paid subscription, but not specifically the chat feature which is just an extension of the PM system and on or off for everyone.