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    I just signed up for a vBulletin 5 demo and I've been looking into the new events module. It looks like its really easy to use and works a lot like we want it to. However, we would like it so a registered forum member can "sign up" for events that are posted, kind of like an RSVP for the event. Then other users looking at the event post can see who has signed up. Right now in vBulletin 4 we are just creating a poll, but that is a hassle as it has to be set up to allow everyone to see results right away, and set up so people can change their "vote". It would be MUCH simpler to just have an RSVP option on the event.

    Is this something that can be set up and I'm just not seeing it, or would I need to find a forum mod to do something like this? Thank you!

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    Currently, users can subscribe to an event. However, I understand that isn't the same as a RSVP. I suggest requesting this feature in our issue tracker here:

    The form looks complicated but all you need to do is add in the Summary (title) and Description of the issue. vBulletin staff will fill out the rest of the issue.
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