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Upgrade vb3.x.x to vb5

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  • Upgrade vb3.x.x to vb5

    I was about to upgrade 1 of my vb3 sites to vb5 but no option for this upgrade option is there but when i clicked only option i seen was to upgrade to vb4 then from there to vb5
    vb3 to vb4 $149
    vb4 to vb5 $209
    total $358
    in this case better option buy new vb5 licience $249


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    You can't buy a vB4 license. You can only buy a vB5 license or lease a Cloud license.

    The option to install vB4.x comes with the purchase of a vB5 license but vB4.x is no longer in development, so ...

    You would have to upgrade vB3.x to vB 3.8.9 and then to 4.2.5 before upgrading it to 5.3.1 in any case.

    Why would it be better to purchase a new license over an upgrade if your intention is to upgrade a vB4 site to vB5?

    If you only need one license the upgrade makes more sense than the new license.


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      I want to upgrade from 3.6.4 to 5.3.1 but to do this i need to buy upgrade to 4 as there is no option to upgrade straight from 3.6.4 to 5.3.1 you have to buy upgrade to 4 first then buy upgrade to 5 so buying new licience makes more sense as it is saving over $100 plus i will still have my vb3 licience i can use on other minor sites i might create

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    Sorted was able to get upgrade for $209 happy chappy now



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      The $149 VB 3.x to VB 4.x upgrade is an option for VB3 users who only want to upgrade to the latest versions of VB 3.x or VB 4.x. It saves $60 if you never intend to upgrade to VB5.

      However if you want to upgrade to VB5, or even think you might, you can buy the VB5 upgrade for $209 and upgrade VB 3.x or VB 4.x to VB 5.x.

      When VB 3.x licenses were sold they only offered 12 months of updates so unfortunately the only way to get the latest versions of VB 3.x like 3.8.11 is to purchase a VB4 or VB5 license upgrade,

      The $149 VB4 offer is a limited time upgrade open only to VB3 license holders and only makes sense for people with zero interest in VB5.


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        In case anyone comes along and reads this, the easiest way to upgrade to vB5 from vB3 (the license, not the software/your site) is login with your customer account details on, then go to the purchases page at If you are logged in and have a license with the capability of being upgraded, you will see the Upgrade price for $209.
        This will upgrade your existing vBulletin 3 (Owned, not Leased) or vBulletin 4 license to vBulletin 5.
        -- *Admin Settable Paid Subscription Reminder Timeframe*
        -- Ads available for the modules globally
        -- Global modules
        -- Add Admin ability to auto-subscribe users to specific channel(s)


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          People could u please tell me how does it work? Is it good no issues??! need to search for drug reviews - now for my issues so i don't actually have time...
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