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    Hi there, I run a small but growing neighbourhood community site in the Uk and we are looking to expand it nationally. However we are currently using a hosted forum provider that cannot do what is probably the most important thing for a neighbourhood forum and thats to make it local for the members.
    Does your software allow you to configure localization for members that would allow someone to sign up and be placed geographically and then be able to control the area they see around them so they can refine the number of posts they see. Ive looked at your demo but cant see anything that might allow this ?
    Am I barking up the wrong tree and like many other forum software makers you cannot do this?

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    vBulletin allows multiple language and locales to be configured by the Administrator. This will allow the users to select the one they prefer. When this is done the interface of the site will reflect their choice. We do not support localization services (targeting users based on their IP address) at this time. The system also does not translate user-generated content. Only the interface is translated.
    Translations provided by Google.

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