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    I am in the process of evaluating vBulletin to create an end-user forum for the company that I work for. I had several questions that I was hoping you could help address.

    1. We would like to require approval for all user registrations. Is this doable?

    2. If (1) is doable, can we set up a way to reject personal emails? For example, if a user attempts to register with a personal email, he/she would get a message saying that it is not accepted. We would like users to register using work/school emails only.

    3. During the registration process, can we include a mandatory dropdown that the user must select with what type of user they are? For example, the user could select whether they are an industry professional, student, academia, or prospective customer. When we review their registration, we want to be able to see their selection and assign the correct roles and privileges to that user.

    4. Is there a way to award badges or titles to top contributors? We would like something like this to award participation and provide incentives to post.

    5. Is the "Branding Free" add-on available for vBulletin Cloud?

    6. Can we add a sliding banner with announcements at the top? We don't want to rely on an "Announcements" forum section for this since that would decrease visibility.

    7. Can we add our own advertisements to the forum? Again, this should appear as like a sliding banner or an image off to the side with a link to an off-site. We don't want to rely on a forums section for advertising our products/services.

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    1. Yes, this is an option called Moderate New Members

    2. You can choose to send an email to the user once you've approved or rejected them to notify. The email cannot be edited as far as I can tell though.

    3. Yes. You can create custom profile fields and make them required at registration. There are options for the profile fields, like single line and drop down box.

    4. There are titles and ranks for number of posts. User ranks can have custom images attached to them. There is also reputation which is gained by receiving Likes.

    5. Yes. It is an additional $15 a month or $149 a year.

    6. We have an announcement module to display Announcements created in the AdminCP. Not sure about a sliding banner though. Can someone chime in about that?

    7. There is an Ad Module that can be placed nearly anywhere on the page. You need only paste in an HTML code for your ad. There are also two designated spaces for ads above the Header. As far as a sliding banner, same as above.

    Can someone offer some advice about sliding banners?
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      Hi Joshua,

      Thank you for your reply. Regarding the sliding banner, I was just throwing that in as an example of what we were looking to do. We would like announcements and our ads to be visible on the front page. The sliding banner would just allow more announcements/ads to be placed on the limited space that we have. I am not an expert in web development, but I think something like a sliding banner would have to be coded in JavaScript. Does vBulletin have a code module for it? I have worked with free forum platforms a long time ago, and even those had JavaScript modules.

      I would be very much interested in a free trial to review the capabilities of the platform. However, I think the one-week period would be quite restricting for us. I represent a mid-sized company, so I need to develop a proof-of-concept and then demonstrate it to our management for approval. Would it be possible for me to have an extended trial period? Thanks


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        You can request a new trial again when it expires. But whatever you did would be gone.
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          The ad module can accommodate javascript and it does not have to be used for only ads. Additionally, you could always create your own slider in the HTML module.
          There is also this forum thread regarding a rotating banner:

          Unfortunately we are not able to extend the free trial. As Glenn said, you can sign up again once it is expired, but the progress will not be there.
          You can import a trial to vBulletin Cloud if you keep note of the URL and admin login information though.
          -- *Admin Settable Paid Subscription Reminder Timeframe*
          -- Ads available for the modules globally
          -- Global modules
          -- Add Admin ability to auto-subscribe users to specific channel(s)


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            Hi Josh,

            I think that answers it for me. We could probably find an in-house resource to develop the JavaScript code or just go online and find something that someone else has already written.

            I will go ahead and do the trial. I don't think it's a huge deal for me to just recreate what I had once a week.