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Lack of response regarding priority ticket support

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  • Lack of response regarding priority ticket support

    On the 1st of June this year we contacted support via ticket, requesting assistance with a forum upgrade. We received a reply on the 5th of June, informing us that we were not eligible for ticket support at this time with our license. On the 06th Jun we signed up for the One Month Phone and Ticket Support' for $49/month and completed the purchase. Unfortunately, apart from a brief reply, we have not received any assistance or reply since Jun 8th to date. We tried calling and were informed that we should ideally not bump tickets, as it takes some time for them to be worked on and bumping them sends them to the end of the queue. Since we gave a detailed description of the problem and provided support with all the details they requested, we waited patiently. Come July, our support expired and we still had no reaction. Thus we saw no other solution than to bump the ticket and request for an update. We explained that we understand it takes a while to review tickets and have been rather patient so far, however, since it had been over a month since we purchased the priority support and posted our last reply, and in the meantime, our ticket support expired, we began to worry and were not sure what to do at that point, and whether an extension would make sense. Unfortunately, we have yet to receive any kind of reaction eversince. We tried again on November 9th, and weve also tried creating a new ticket, which has also been left unanswered.

    So far, our experience with vbulletin support has been positive, however the recent lack of communication has been rather baffling/disappointing. We rarely resort to vbulletin support as we usually manage most issues ourselves, but this issue is rather pressing as we are still running on an old vbulletin platform and would like to upgrade. We specifically acquired a new vbulletin license and signed up for the monthly support to get this upgrade done, in the meantime our purchase has expired and our members are awaiting for updates we do not have. Our members are particularly not too happy since they have been writing on a temporary, rerouted platform because we wanted to supply support with all the details they asked for (the recommended we get SSH access, but we already had it and provided them with the details in a previous message).

    Of course we can also understand some issues take longer to react to, however in such cases we'd still appreciate a quick note that it takes longer than usual. We don't mind waiting as long as we are assured that someone is concerning themselves with our ticket. I think it would not be an unreasonable request. We did, after all pay for priority ticket and phone support and we expected to receive the service we paid for. What we did not sign up for is being ignored. We are long-term clients and have been using vbulletin since the early 2000s and quite happy with the system, and weve never received such poor treatment before. We'd prefer to continue our business relations with bulletin and not to have to migrate to a different forum software. Wed actually like to extend our license and eventually upgrade to the newest version, but our recent experience is not particularly encouraging, nor particularly customer-friendly, Im afraid.

    So could you please ensure that we receive some service or at the very least an update? Please refer to Ticketid: 1599318 for details.

    P.S. Could you please supply us with the phone number for phone support? We've only got the number from sales, and they, unfortunately, could not assist with anything. Thank you and have a good day!

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    I'm sorry, I don't know how this has been missed. I'll make sure this is completed later today as a priority.

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      Thank you. Unfortunately, I will have to bump this, as we have yet to receive a reaction to the ticket...


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        The ticket in question has no information that points to the issue at hand being a vBulletin issue. Internal Server Error gives no information to us on what the problem is. You have to work with your server administrator to determine what is causing that error. Server configuration is outside the scope of the support we provide.
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