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vB5 possible Bug

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  • vB5 possible Bug

    I was searching google for some specific info, found the following page here at :"Test"-Environment

    When I copy the location from Firefox I actually get the following:

    But it looks like the first link I posted.

    Anyhow, the page does not work. Comes up completely blank. Maybe this was a vB4 link which was not properly transitioned into working under vB5.


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    They both look the same, but with the second link the quotes were turned into special codes by the editor automatically. Seemed odd as that was not the link I copied. That's a separate issue, though. Main issue is that the page simply does not work. Would hate to upgrade to vB5 to find out that a bunch of pages listed in google now simply display as blank. Might be worth having the techs look into this.


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      That's actually a spider issue. Upgrading to VB5 will require the spider to rescan and update the info from your site. Until they do that, all searches will revert to your previous install and the info gleamed from there.