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  • Re-seller option

    Re-selling (or leasing) sub-forums via you own vBulletin is currently not allowed (see license agreement). I like the idea of this but also understand the restrictions in the current license.

    I go to thinking, why not offer a version of vBulletin to people that want to do this. It could be a seperate product from the current software, with its own restrictions on exactly what you could do with it.

    It would probbly need some tweaking in the admincp and a automated sign up system but we have already seen a hack that dose most of this.

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    As i said in the discussuion thread about that special hack, i think this would be a good idea

    though i think, this may be put on the long plan, as it has to be tested a lot, and the schedulers of the devs are full iirc ^^
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      I rather see a professional reselling service, then an alternative vbulletin version. For now, the affiliate program from will do