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  • Can i do this ?

    I am going to install a chat script in my web page , how can i make the users of my Vbulletin to log in into the chat without signing up a new username , and any one signing up for the vbulletin he will be able to log in into the chat

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    It depends on the chat product.

    phpMyChat is probably your best bet because it uses PHP and MySQL. I am currently in the process of hacking PhpMyChat so that it will use the vBulletin database to log a user in. You also would have to change it so that if a user is logged into vBulletin they wouldn't have to log into phpMyChat.


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      Tom please post when you get it finished. I use PHp chat right now and have displayed on my forum page the number of users logged in but I would like it if the users *HAD* to be a registered forum user to login to chat. Right now I just disabled registration and everyone logs in as a guest.


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        Tell me what to do if i want to use many php scripts in one database , for example :

        i have 2 scripts , Chat + Guestbook both are php scripts

        how can i install them using the same DB of Vbulletin :)

        thank you Tom


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          He won't be able to tell you what to do because you are going to have to modify the code in the chat script that reads from it's database to read from the vB database. One would have to look at the particular chat script you have to do that.