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  • New Module suggestion

    I would like to suggest we have a voting module in the site editor that can be dragged down and be placed on the pages, this module should show the Current Polls going on it the site and allow a user to vote right there or click on the poll they want to vote on and be redirected to the poll rather than have to go to the forums and Hunt for the poll. I am going to create a simple html module with an href that will do a redirect to the polls I have set up on my site.
    Just an Idea
    Thank you

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    Thanks for your suggestion.

    All suggestions need to be logged into the Tracker so that they are reviewed by the development team. Please log this in the Tracker with as much detail as possible for review. Once logged, let me know the Issue ID and we can re-open this thread for further discussion.

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      You can show polls in a search module. They would still have to enter the Poll discussion to vote but you can display them without resorting to HTML. You can see this on the Forums page at There is a poll in the right hand column.

      Creating a Latest Poll Module on your Home Page

      One of the most common requests is showing the latest poll from a site on the home page. With vBulletin 5 Connect, this is easy to do using Site Builder and a Search module. This tutorial will show you how to do this.

      1. Enter Site Builder and click Edit Page while on your Home Page.

      2. Drag the Search module to your page where you want to display it.

      3. Edit the Module by clicking on its Pencil icon.

      4. Set your options for the search. Change the Widget Title to "Latest Poll". Change the Number of Results to "1". Under Types click "Polls".

      5. Save the Module at the bottom of the dialog.

      6. Save the Page at the top of the screen. That is all there is to it.

      This can easily be changed to Latest Topic, Latest Photos, Latest Links, etc... Simply edit the options to fite your needs.
      Translations provided by Google.

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