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problems with backup restore

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  • problems with backup restore

    Friends, I requested a restore from a backup to the hosting team on my site.
    however, they have the following problem that they can not resolve.
    Could you help me interpret this error message so I can guide them?

    [02-Jan-2018 18:00:03 UTC] Warning: include_once(/home/public_html/forum/core/./includes/cron/queueprocessor.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/public_html/forum/core/includes/functions_cron.php on line 248
    [02-Jan-2018 18:00:03 UTC] Warning: include_once(): Failed opening '/home/public_html/forum/core/./includes/cron/queueprocessor.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/public_html/forum/core/includes/functions_cron.php on line 248


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    There is no queueprocessor.php in vBulletin 5. This should be removed during the upgrade from vBulletin 4.x. If it wasn't you'll have to disable it manually under Scheduled Tasks -> Scheduled Tasks Manager. Just uncheck it and save the page.
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      Thank you, Wayne!

      we were able to do the restore without changing "Scheduled Tasks".
      but I checked "Scheduled Tasks" and found the following options selected:
      - Node Stats Update
      - queueprocessor
      - Scheduled Unattended Publish
      - Infractions Cleanup
      - Hourly Cleanup #2

      - Email Batch Sender
      - RSS Poster Robot
      - User Promotions
      - Remove Private Messages from Trash
      - Hourly Cleanup
      - CCBill Reversal Check
      - Restore Temporarily Banned Users
      - Daily Statistics Log
      - Birthdays
      - Daily Digest
      - Subscriptions
      - Activation Reminder Email
      - Daily Cleanup
      - Notification Cleanup
      - Generate XML Sitemap
      - Weekly Digest
      - forumrunnerpush (scratched)
      - forumrunnercheckstatus (scratched)

      I was left with some doubts. Could you help me, please?
      1) queueprocessor - I unselected this option as you instructed. but it would be an error occurred during the upgrade process from version 4 to version 5? if it is an error, would have any way to check for other similar errors?
      2) Some of these other tasks that I have listed should also be unmarked?
      3) Is there any task missing? that is, there should be some other scheduled task, but it is not present in the list?

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