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Changing the Background Also Changes the Editor's Background (?)

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  • [Bug / Issue] Changing the Background Also Changes the Editor's Background (?)

    Hey guys,
    I was hoping someone here might know how to help me .

    I tried changing my board's background, and entered the following into the css_additional.css:
    body {
    background: url(/images/joomlart/bo4bg3.jpg) no-repeat fixed 0 0 / 100% 100% transparent;
    Everything worked great, until about a minute later I noticed it also changed the background for the editor, meaning in the signature edit, quick reply, and even new topic.

    I am adding a picture to show the issue.

    What can I do to leave the editor white and just the the body's background?

    Thanks a lot,

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    That part of the editor is actually an iframe and therefore the BODY tag applies.

    Instead of using custom CSS, you should use the body_background style variable in the AdminCP. Styles -> Style Manager. Choose Style Variable Editor from the drop down menu.
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      You can't make the background transparent unless your image is a text legible color in the wrapper area. You're also using a .jpg image, which has no alpha channel with transparency. You should convert that to a .png image.


      • Wayne Luke
        Wayne Luke commented
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        The transparent refers to the background-color in that statement.

      • In Omnibus
        In Omnibus commented
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        Agreed, which is why I would probably use the #wrapper ID to make the wrapper rgba white full opaque, but there are any number of ways of approaching this and I don't want to confuse the customer by giving different advice from yours.

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      Thanks for the tips, but when I change my background my header is completely moved
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Forumverlauf.png
Views:	25
Size:	315.1 KB
ID:	4411031

      does anyone know what the problem is?


      • In Omnibus
        In Omnibus commented
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        Whatever CSS you're using is causing the problem. We would need to see it to know what the specific issue is.

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      That is a known issue since vB 5.4.2 where the css_additional was finally included in the ckeditor iframe which causes the body background applied on the main page to also apply in ckeditor. I have suggested a free solution to this on my site. The latest code I posted is on page 2.

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