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  • Signature Image Size

    I have searched everywhere to see if I can set the maximum size of Signature pics but cannot see it anywhere. Can someone assist please? We use vBulletin 5.4.3

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    It's in the Usergroup Permissions. You can give different usergroups different signature permissions.


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      Please excuse my ignorance but can you provide a path to that section? I do not see Usergroup Permissions under Usergroups or in the Usergroup Manager.
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        For each usergroup you want to edit you need to click on the "Go" button with "Edit Usergroup" in the menu, one at a time, and scroll down to get to the signature permissions.


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          I was clicking on "GO" and nothing happened! I was using Firefox, so I used another browser and it now works - go figure! Thanks for helping out. Cheers


          • In Omnibus
            In Omnibus commented
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            That's odd. I use Firefox without issue. Do you have an ad blocker that might be blocking the JS from running?

          • CorbinH
            CorbinH commented
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            No ad blockers. I'll investigate further when I have more time. I have the image size set to 10,000 bytes which is only 9.76 kilobytes so this is obviously not working when I have one member's signature pic at over 600kb. I don't know what to do to fix this so I think I won't worry about it. I am going to go and walk my dog

          • Wayne Luke
            Wayne Luke commented
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            Make sure you're whitelisting the javascript on your site in your browser.

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          All sorted with cleaning the cache. Thanks guys, I'll also have a look at the whitelist.


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