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How to create a link in a Help item to another Help item?

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  • How to create a link in a Help item to another Help item?

    I have tried searching for an answer, but "help" and "link" turned out to be just a bit too general as a search word . In help item A I would like to create a link to help item B. How should I apporach this?

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    Anchor Tags

    <a href="">Visit!</a>


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      Thanks IO . I realized I should have asked my question a bit more specifically. I did create the link to the other help item, like you have suggested. The problem is that the address bar does show the link, but the page isn't refreshed. All other links to pages outside of the Help section, do work properly. I guess it has something to do with the way the help section is set up. Linking to works fine. But from, the # the trouble starts.

      After clicking the link, like I said, the adrress bar shows the new url, but the page doesn't load. When I navigate to a new page and use the back button in the browser (Chrome) the correct page (the one which was linked to) is loaded. Is there a way to push the page to refresh when initially clicking the link?
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        "#" is a placeholder in HTML links. Because the Help items are phrases and not actual URL links I'm not sure of the best way to go about this.

        I decided to rewrite the rewrite Help Menu using pages but, admittedly, that's a great deal of time and effort.

        There's probably a better solution but it's not occurring to me at the moment.


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          But thanks for your time and effort anyway!


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            If you open it in a new tab with target="_blank" it should work...

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              I haven't tried this myself but try this:

              <a href="help#community_overview/general_cookies_clear">How do I clear my cookies or cache?</a>
              You have to change the parts in blue and red. The blue one is the parent help item id and the red one is the child help item id. You can see the help ids in the Help Manager in AdminCP. Edit a help item and it displays the corresponding id.

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                Yes! Just had to delete everything before "help". Many thanks Glenn, and others who tried.


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