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importing forum content to a new installation

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  • importing forum content to a new installation

    Is there a way to import the topics and discussions from one instance of vB5 to a fresh installation?

    I'm working on moving a forum from one domain to another, each on different servers. The first installation is not live and running, but I have a backup of the database and access to the database on the original hosting environment.

    Is there a way to export a part of the forum data and import into the new installation?

    (original thread question)

    As I'm following the instructions for moving servers - I'm now reading the notification about cookie path and cookie domain - which, of course, I did not update before the move started...

    I am having no luck in getting the forum back operating and hope someone here has experience with options for migrating.

    Thanks in advance

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    There is no way to do what you're asking. You would need to import a complete database backup to make sure the system works properly.

    You should set the cookie path and cookie domain to their defaults before making the database backup. These values should only be changed if you're running multiple vBulletins on the same domain.
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