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Can't edit TOS in FAQ

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  • Can't edit TOS in FAQ

    Using v5.3.4, we're updating our TOS and Privacy Notice to comply with GDPR by the 25th. While I can edit the phrase associated with the TOS and it does Save, there is no difference in what shows up clicking Terms of Service in the left column menu in FAQ. Same with the cookies link. I can leave and come back to my edits in the Phrase Manager and they're still there, so I know they're "taking." But the changes don't have any affect in what shows up when those phrases are displayed off FAQ left column links.

    Is this intended behavior?

    Also, what updates to vB phrases are planned for GDPR compliance?

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    You can edit individual Help topics by clicking on Help -> Help Manager in the AdminCP. In newer versions, it is labeled User Manual (Help).

    We don't provide either a complete Terms of Service or Privacy Notice with vBulletin. These will be individualized for each site based on local laws. We provide a basic boiler plate in regards to forum activity only. This can be edited in Languages & Phrases by editing the site_terms_and_rules phrase.

    If you want separate pages for Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you can create custom pages in Site Builder to hold this content using a Static HTML Module. Then you can link them in the AdminCP under Settings -> Options -> Site Name / URL / Contact Details. If you want to link to them you can add Navigation Links using the Navigation Bar and/or Footer tools in Site Builder.

    I recommend that you upgrade your site to the latest version in order to have the most secure site possible.
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      Thanks! That works! User Manual (Help) .... <slapping forehead>

      Appreciate it!


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