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"nofollow" attributes to sub navigation modules

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  • "nofollow" attributes to sub navigation modules


    How can I add "nofollow" relation attributes to sub navigation links?
    When I give the same attribute to main navigation links it works.
    But I have tried to give to Sub Navigation links using site builder and it doesn't reflected.
    I am using Vb 5.2.2 and it hasn't any Navigation Manager in Settings.

    I have also enabled rel="nofollow" attribute in Settings -> Options -> BB Code settings and
    excluded internal URLs in Whitelist. But It doesn't work for me.

    Can anyone suggest me please, is there any other methods to do it?
    Kindly suggest some other ways.


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    You would have to create custom Javascript to modify the URLs. There is no supported means for this in the software.

    The BBCode Setting you refer to is specifically for URLs within content created by the users. It does not apply to Site Builder or other vBulletin rendered pages.
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