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How do I disable/hide the button "Upload Attachments"?

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  • How do I disable/hide the button "Upload Attachments"?

    I have tried two things:

    First, I went to AdminCP -> Usergroups -> User Management, then I set the following options:
    * Maximum number of Attachments per post: 0
    * Can upload Attachments: no
    * Can create Attachments: no

    Second, I went to AdminCP -> Attachment -> Attachment Rights, then I set "no" to the option "can upload this data type" of every single data type.

    Even so, when I create a post, the option "Upload Attachments" is still there.

    So, how can I disable/hide the button "Upload Attachments"?

    Note: my system isn't in English, so the options might have a slightly different name.

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    If you're logged in as an administrator you will always see the attachments options. Try logging in as a regular member and see if you still see them.


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      I've logged in as a regular member. This user is part of "registered users" only, but I can still see the option of uploading attachments.


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        There is no mechanism built-in to hide it. Actually trying to upload an attachment should give an error.

        However, you can hide it with Custom CSS. Add this line to your css_additional.css template:
        [data-panel="b-content-entry-panel__content--attachment"] {display:none;}
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          I really didn't like the error being displayed to the user.

          Your solution worked like magic.
          Thank you!