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How to make it so Registered Users cannot create a Blog?

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  • How to make it so Registered Users cannot create a Blog?

    I would like to make it so only members of a certain group can create blogs.

    In the Channel Permissions for Blogs, for Registered Users, I have "can post topics" NO. This did not do it.
    I then set "can create channel" NO, and now if they click "Create New Blog" it says "Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page".

    But for them, on the Blogs page, the "Create New Blog" link is still available. Is there any way to get rid of "Create New Blog" so this confusion is removed?

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    You could or have to set the permission for navigation link. You could do it in sitebuilder "Navigation Bar". Click at the small rightarrow next to blogs and you see the navigation item "create new blog". There is a pencil next to it. If you click on that pencil you could edit the navigationitem and set the usergroups who have permission to use/ see that item. | Das deutschsprachige vBulletin 5 Forum! | Widgets, Mods und Anleitungen auf deutsch.
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      Thanks for that!


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