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How to undelete a user or restore the posts for a user that was deleted

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  • How to undelete a user or restore the posts for a user that was deleted

    An administrator deleted a user with lots of posts by mistake.

    Is there a way to restore the user and all the posts? (all messages were sent to the generic "Guest" user)

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    You cannot undelete a user. You would have to create a new user.

    If you don't let guest users post, you can re-assign the posts to this new user using a SQL query like "UPDATE node set userid=XXX where userid=0;" XXX would be the userid of the new user. Though, I recommend making a complete database backup before doing this.
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      Wayne you are a lifesaver, it worked great!


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        The same deleted (now undeleted) user lost his avatar. Do you know a way to restore or get the .gif from somewhere?


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          Originally posted by avega View Post
          Wayne you are a lifesaver, it worked great!
          I just noticed that in the forum and searches some topics still say that it was initiated by 'Guest' is there a maintenance tool to update this?

          If I hover over 'Guest' the profile link is

          how to change the 10196-guest to the real nickname?


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            You have to remember you haven't "undeleted" the user, you have recreated it from scratch. You will need to manually upload any avatar or other profile elements, as these no longer exist.

            Updating the topic and forum counters and clearing the system cache should make the correct user show, if you've done it correctly.

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