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  • "registration is disabled" message

    I have some users getting that message despite the fact registrations are not closed. Any thoughst on why this is? All I can think of is I had to re-start as a new forum and wondering if there is something that flags too many registrations on a short time from a particular email domain.

    Also, if I need to register people manually to get around this, do I just need a user name and valid email from them? Thanks

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    Have you got StopForumSpam enabled? If so, make sure the username check is turned off.

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      Yes I have it enabled and username is definitely turned off (and has been) . Should I turn email off too? Does that block specific email addresses or email domains? Since I just got back online, should I turn off all the spam stops for now?


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        You should turn off Username and IP address. Leave Email on. It looks for specific email addresses. Turning that off will negate any benefit that Stopforumspam can provide. However, StopForumSpam shouldn't trigger until they have submitted their registration.

        Do you have any IP addresses listed under Settings -> Options -> User Banning Options? Remove any that are less than three octets (
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