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"New Topic" button disappears in responsive design.

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  • "New Topic" button disappears in responsive design.

    For some reason whenever my site is accessed on a phone/tablet, the user is unable to make a post because the "New Topic" button disappears. You can even see the button disappear when going to my site at and re-sizing the browser. This happens on all browsers. Do you know what is causing this?

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    I can't test on your site because of course, I need to be logged in. But testing it here, the New Topic moves out next to the Subscribe button on the upper right when in mobile screen size.

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      So I messed around a little further, and figured out (somewhat) the issue. When I edit that forum module, and deselect all the options under 'Tabs to Display' except 'Topics', the "+New Topic" button won't work in responsive mode.


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