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How to make topics and forum area take up the whole screen

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  • How to make topics and forum area take up the whole screen

    I removed the modules on the right side of the topic area. But this area is just blank now. How can I extend the forum topic section to use the full screen under the header to replicate this Vbulletin forum layout?

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    The edit page, change layout selections are not working for me.


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      There is no other way to do it

      Site Builder > Edit Page > Change Layout > Full.

      What actually happens? At what exact point does it go wrong? What are the results/error messages etc.

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        When I select the full option, the thumbnail is highlighted, but the 70/30 option stays highlighted also. I can save it this way, which is odd but nothing changes.

        It must not be accepting the full option. There are no error messages.

        If I click on my forum and go to a channel, the display is the full screen which I want. It just seems the homepage won't accept this option.


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          I was able to figure out what happened, and wanted to follow up with VBulletin support.

          I was originally trying to make site changes on my IPad (which I have successfully done many times in the past). This time, when I posted this support thread it would not work although I tried about 10 times.

          I decided to try the same steps on my desktop and it worked just fine. I did clear the cache on my IPad and it still wouldn't work.

          Could this be a glitch on VBulletin's software?

          Do you guys suggest not using a mobile platform for any site edits?


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