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HTML module error saving AdSense

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  • HTML module error saving AdSense

    When trying to save a google adsence into the html module I keep getting "Error saving the configuration for "Static HTML Module" module. Please try again later." They worked just fine in vb4. I also get another error when trying to save it into the ad module: "Error information: " 403 error Forbidden". I would probably just prefer to use the HTML module since I don't really need all the extra options like displaying to certain usergroups etc.

    I tried disabling adblock as suggested in another thread, did not work. Also I asked my host if any modsec rules had been triggered recently and they said no.

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    So originally my host said there were no ModSec rules triggered, but I contacted them again to further investigate. After giving them login details to edit the site, they said ModSec rules were triggered. First, rule 212000 was triggered, they whitelisted that one then another rule triggered, they whitelisted that one then a new one triggered, this kept happening so the recommended to turn off ModSec completely. This fixed the issue although it is unfortunate to have to disable ModSec completely


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      Seems they have overly aggressive rules for mod_security and aren't really set up for dynamic sites. If submitting ads triggered it, then any user-generated content with keywords that can trigger mod_security would have done so as well.
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