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  • vBulletin Mobile Suite 1.21 suggestions

    One definite suggestion is to make the Messages appear as a THREAD just like at the forums. The way it appears now on the app is as a single line for each incoming message, and when you click on it, all you see is what that party wrote to you, in that single instance, you do not see what you wrote, nor anything that was written before. No prior conversation - nothing.

    And then, I am wondering, is Quick Reply the only option for response within a Forum thread (topic)? What does the + sign in upper right do? Is that to reply to the thread, or to create a new topic?
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    Another issue with viewing messages in the App - all Sent messages simply show from whom they have been sent (which of course is - always YOU) - so when you view the sent box itís just a long list of messages from You and no way to view or figure out to whom they were sent! I mean, seriously, thatís useless.


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      You should open a JIRA for that.


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