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  • Facebook connect questions

    1) I just received this email, will this have any impact on the Facebook connect via vbulletin?
    Required Security Update for Facebook Login
    In 35 days, we're making a security update to Facebook Login that will invalidate calls from URIs not listed in the Valid OAuth redirect URIs field of your Facebook Login settings.

    This update comes in response to malicious activity we saw on our platform, and we want to protect your app or website by requiring a new strict mode for redirect URIs. Take action now to ensure your redirect traffic continues to work. Learn More
    You can view this and other Developer Notifications related to your app, in the App Dashboard.

    2) The mobile URL is no longer a part of the Facebook connect app and I get this message:

    Mobile Site URL is no longer supported, as of July 09, 2017. In order to retain this functionality, you will need to update your app to handle the redirection in the desktop iframe. You will need to detect mobile browsers loading the page, and render a button to upsell people off of Facebook to your mobile website. Read more.

    3) Do I need to implement




    App Verification

    to use Facebook connect for vbulletin 5, or are


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    I'll add to your 7 day old post. I attempted to create an account on one of my forums that used Facebook platform to connect, but it fails whereas it worked fine previously. Something has changed, either on Facebook side, or within vB application. I have since disabled the platform until I can work on the issue.

    For what its worth, your post prompted me to test the app as a newbie to my site. I thank you for that as it allowed me to find a problem I may not have known about previously.

    Curious about others if they too are having similar issues.
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      Actually my FB connect is still working on my vb5 forum - I mean I login via FB and FB only every day. And vbulletin responded to me about the above issues:
      "You only have to make sure your URL is valid in the oauth settings on Facebook's App Settings page. The other changes aren't relevant to allowing logins in vBulletin 5."