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Secondary Group Override Issue

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  • Secondary Group Override Issue


    I have searched for this info and from everything I have read (on this forum mostly) confirms what I know about Primary/Secondary group permission overrides.

    If any group allows, then it is allowed.

    By example:
    Registered Group: Can View Channels: Yes -- Allow Users to have Member Groups = Yes
    Special Group: Can View Channels: No

    Member set to Primary=Registered, and Secondary=Special

    So... member is allowed to view channels.


    ----- BUT -----

    I have that exact setup and the Member is NOT allowed to view channels. I have to set the Secondary group to : Can View Channels: Yes to make it work.

    So that both are now set to Yes.

    I am triple checking the channel specific permissions to make sure the issue is not there.

    Just wanted verification that the if either Primary or any Secondary allows (i.e. Can View Channels: Yes) then the member assigned those groups is allowed (i.e. Can View Channels: Yes), even if any of the other are set to: No.

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    I have verified that the forum permissions are taking precedent, even if no set to any custom changes.

    So if I check forum/channel #1 / Special Group, I see: Can View Channels: No (and blocks member with the Special Group as secondary or primary.

    Any thing I can do to get this to work correctly? A reset procedure? Some queries I can run?


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      Could be fixed in near future: | Das deutschsprachige vBulletin 5 Forum! | Widgets, Mods und Anleitungen auf deutsch.
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        Thanks for that! Whew.

        I will work around this until there is a fix.


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          Hey. We wanted to look at this as part of VBV-12380 but we can't reproduce based on your description. If you haven't yet, can you please enter a JIRA with a more detailed description of the problem.

          Specifically helpful would be the problem behavior. What channels is the affected user unable to view and on which pages. We may need to get a copy of your database in order to diagnose.


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            Greetings Kevin,

            Thanks for the assist. I will try to put together a JIRA report.

            The forum is not mine. I will have to get permission from the owner before I can get you a copy of the database.

            However, there is a second "devel" version that I could give you Admin access to, if that would be useful in figuring this out.



            • raywjohnson
              raywjohnson commented
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              I understand. Owner will not allow me to release the database.

            • Kevin Sours
              Kevin Sours commented
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              All I can think to suggest is if you can put together a clean install that replicates the problem. I'm worried that we're doing something different from what you are in our testing but finding out what thing is configured differently is not an easy process. We just need *a* database that fails in this way.

            • raywjohnson
              raywjohnson commented
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              Thanks for all the help. Cannot get the ok to allow release of the database. I will try to figure it out.

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            Update: during my testing and debugging I made changes to the affected user groups. And I cleared the system cache.

            But... now it works correctly.

            Thanks to all for the help!


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