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    We are trying to give moderators in each forum their own private subforum which is not visible to the public. This makes the channel manager look like a rainbow of red and black (and orange) permissions using multiple user groups.

    To make administration and maintenance more manageable, we are thinking of using invitation only social groups as a possible solution. i have created an by invitation only test group using ver 5.3.4 as an admin. So, as the owner or creator of the group, what do I need to do to see an "Invite" button or entry box. I have the Group set to only visible to admins at the moment. I am an admin and we have three others. I'd like to invite them in to test this. I feel like I'm missing something obvious like making myself a moderator of the group or something like that, but I don't see where to do that either.

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    If you click on the gear in the group page where it says "About this Group" there will be a menu which allows you to invite members to the group.


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      Thank you. I knew it had to be somewhere, I just didn't have a good enough magnifying glass to find it! Appreciate the pointer as to where to look. Where does the invitation show up to the invitee? In the email they registered with? or somewhere else? I tried inviting myself but nothing has shown up anywhere that I'm aware of.


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        Anyone invited will immediately receive a private message inviting them to join the group.


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          Yikes .. I better make sure we have it enabled. duh. Thanks!

          [EDIT] Yep it was on and got the notification. Appreciate it!
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