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attachment problem help ?

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  • attachment problem help ?

    hi all here i am again with attachment problem

    try to upload some xz files about 80/100/mb get this errore
    Your file of 84.73 MB exceeds the limit of 781.3 KB.

    although my setting they are set to 0 unlimited
    notes vb is set to save all files on database
    to me is bit strange as if the database clog up the forum will go down?
    my question is this would be better to save them in ftp directory ?

    just notes vb got few option
    Moving Attachments from database to the Filesystem
    need to know step by step guide before go ahead don't want to muck up my forum

    how to Moving Attachments from datebase to the Filesystem
    do i need to create a folder ftp on my web serve to mouve Attachments from datebase to the Filesystem?

    how can i solve this problem

    thanks for any answer
    regards to all team

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    hello anyone answer pleas?
    vBulletin Version 5.4.1


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      What is the attachment quota set to under Settings -> Options -> Message Attachment Options? That value is a global limit shared by the entire site.
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        thankyou for replaying

        Options -> Message Attachment Options is set to (0)
        fanny few days go did upload the same files didn't have problem some ware something is wrong?

        this is the error i get

        Your file of 2.35 MB exceeds the limit of 878.9 KB.
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        vBulletin Version 5.4.1


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          ok thanks problem solved
          vBulletin Version 5.4.1