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Entering wrong webiste address in URL control panel options

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  • Entering wrong webiste address in URL control panel options

    I have been in the options of the Control panel and changed an URL in the groups. I do not remember exactly what the group was but it was named something like URL and Contacts.

    I saw an URL mentioning my site where the vbulletin is installed (AdminCP > Settings > Options > Site Name/URL/etc > Forum UR). I thought that I had the option of changing the url into another site of mine (a totally different domain). What happened now is that I no longer can enter the control panel. The forums have also been affected.

    Would you please help? How can I restore the URL?

    If I am not mistaken, my problem is with something called Base URL.

    Please, I need your help urgently.

    Thank you!
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    Is the base URL recorded in a config file or the like so that I can change it manually?


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      The URLs are contained only in the admincp.

      They need to reflect the actual location of the forums. You would only change them if you were changing the installed location of the forums, or changing the domain, or moving from http to https. Otherwise those settings are fundamental to the operation of the site and should be left completely alone.

      Here's how to fix it though:

      1) Upload /core/install
      2) Upload tools.php in your do_not_upload directory to /core/admincp
      3) Run /admincp/tools.php in your browser and enter your customer number
      4) Use the 'Location of Website' tool to change the location of the site. Keep the box below the textfield ticked.
      5) Verify it works.
      6) Delete /core/admincp/tools.php
      7) Delete /core/install

      Do not change anything in either of the config files - you will break your site.

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        One million thanks! You made my day


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