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Calendar is a hard crashing point on vBulletin iOS Mobile App

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  • Wayne Luke
    vBulletin Mobile Suite 1.18 Released
    Wayne Luke
    vBulletin Mobile 1.18 is now available to all customers. To obtain the new build, you need to visit the Mobile Publisher in your Member's Area. Rebuild your apps to apply the changes. This new version...
    Thu 7th Dec '17, 7:28am
  • YK0302
    Testing how events appear in Mobile App
    This is a test event submitted so we could assess suitability of mobile app for viewing calendar in VB5. Not sure how to add a reoccurring event
    Fri 24th May '19 2:30pm
    Fri 24th May '19 3:30pm
    Sydney Australia
    Thu 24th May '18, 2:39pm
  • IBxAnders iPhone Application has been updated to client version 1.1.3
    IBxAnders iPhone Application has been upgraded to the improved version 1.1.3

    Please note that version 1.1.3 iPhone application is not yet available for your site via the Mobile Publisher....
    Mon 29th Aug '11, 2:46pm
  • IB Adrian
    vBulletin Mobile Suite FAQ
    IB Adrian
    Here is a basic FAQ for vBulletin's mobile applications.
    This FAQ will be updated.

    What is it?
    The product that will be available is an "app builder", it allows you to build a branded custom iPhone and Android app for your vBulletin website.

    Can I try it out?
    Sure. - Apple
    (here it is running on vBulletin 3.7)
    And here too. - Android

    What platforms are you going to support?
    Apple devices running on iOS 3.1.3+ (older versions may work fine - no promises though )
    This means, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone 3 & 4
    Android devices running version 1.6+

    Are you creating an iPad specific version?
    The iPhone app we have contains HD images, which means it looks/works fine on the iPad. This is in addition to the standard vBulletin skin working well in Safari on the iPad. We currently do not intend to create an iPad specific app.

    What other platforms are you going to support?
    Other platforms may be added too depending on market-share and their ability to support the basic vBulletin functionality.

    I have a symbian/Blackberry/windows mobile, will you support me?

    We have a mobile skin which will support...
    Wed 13th Apr '11, 1:40pm
  • Allen Lin
    vBulletin Android Mobile App 1.1.3 has been released.
    Allen Lin
    vBulletin Android Mobile App 1.1.3 is NOW AVAILABLE. The feedback thread for this release is HERE for our licensed customers.

    vBulletin Android Mobile App 1.1.3 contains 15 bug fixes, i...
    Thu 9th Feb '12, 4:17pm