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cant build mobile apps getting error wont finish

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  • cant build mobile apps getting error wont finish

    i keep getting this error that makes no since to me

    Incorrect URL scheme. You must use a secure server for IOS applications. See here
    Your website is on an older version of vBulletin. We recommend you upgrade to the latest version of vBulletin. You need at least vB5 - 5.1.10, vB4 - 4.2.4 Beta 1, or vB3 - 3.8.10 Beta 1 plus the current Mobile API 1.5.0 Beta 1 plug-in.

    says incorrect url scheme site is running on secure server so not sure why im getting this error..
    says i need to at least be using 5.1.10 yet im using 5.4.0 also will not add push notifications cause says im using older version im on a fresh install i have not had any other versions installed but 5.4.0 so why is it saying this.

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    anyone i really need to get this fixed


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      For some reason, the mobile publisher cannot connect to your server using the URL and API Key provided.

      Make sure you're using the most direct domain to your site. Do not use a redirected domain.
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