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What does the facebook offer the user of the app?

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  • What does the facebook offer the user of the app?

    I posted in my board about having a new facebook app.

    A user asked: "whats in it for me??? " I didnt know how to answer ... what is the benefit for the user of the app?

    I see that we as board owners want these people to use the app ... but what is the benefit to board members to use the facebook app?

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    I'm looking at it the other way around mostly.

    I have a lot of my threads posted to Facebook through like and share buttons, I am ALWAYS getting people commenting on the threads on Facebook and less so on the forum.

    So the reason I bought the app is to try and encourage those who regularly comment on my posts on Facebook to do so via the app and thus onto the forum. Without having to actually leave facebook as Facebook is a comfort zone for some.


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      What do the USERS get ... I am still not sure how to answer this for them


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        The ability to use your forum though facebook, which might be more familiar to them, then an actual forum.


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