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loss of data, page becomes white screen

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  • loss of data, page becomes white screen

    Greetings to the forum,

    vBulletin 4.2.6

    This has happened to me 2 or 3 times so far.

    I use my forum, more or less as a blogging platform. Generally works great.

    At times I put in a fair number of images on a page. Maybe 5 or ten.
    2 or 3 times, the page has locked up
    In the last case, the first page, posts 1-10 went blank, post 11 was fine on page two.

    Any ideas as to how to avoid this?
    Or minimize the damage.

    Rather annoying, although it has not caused major problems, in the last case I had the page open in another browser,and did a printout, which helped with the restore using OCR (and I added many extras.) If this happened on a long thread of many pages, it could be disaster.

    And if I simply downloaded the database file once or twice a day, or more frequently if modified, would I have an easy revert?
    As I really do not want to involve my host, since their revert might be too old anyway, if I am very active.

    Right now, I am simply duplicating what I feel might be a problematic image-laden thread in a private area.

    Other than this, I am quite happy on 4.2.6.
    Your thoughts welcome!

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    A blank page normally indicates a PHP error with display_errors turned off. Please look at your PHP error_log file to see what the error is. If you do not know where you PHP error_log file is located, please ask your Hosting Provider or Server Administrator. Once we know what the error is, we can provide more guidance.
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