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500 server error when I try to run the upgrade script

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  • 500 server error when I try to run the upgrade script

    Before you say, "Server error - you must contact your host" please read ON...

    vB 4.2.5 Suite
    PHP 7.1

    Everything else on the server works - this includes another vB4.2.5 forum and several WordPress installations on a dedicated server.

    The forum itself is running fine with no errors. Everything in the ACP works fine with no errors EXCEPT the upgrade script.

    I wanted to upgrade to add back the CMS portion I had previously uninstalled. Files upload fine via sFTP. ACP is fine (except of course it won't load until /install is deleted) until I click "Run upgrade script". Then I get the server 500 error.

    Any ideas on what would cause this?
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    500 is just a generic server error. You would need to check the server error logs and find out what the actual error is.

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      Make sure that the iconv library is enabled in PHP. If it is, then you need to turn on display errors to see what the actual problem is.
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        It turned out to be a couple of server misconfiguration errors, sorted out by my host. I can't tell you what they were exactly but tech support fixed it.

        What puzzled me was that another vB4.2.5 forum on the same server wasn't affected but I recently did a cPanel migration to a new dedicated server and it appears just that domain (or subdomain actually) didn't transfer perfectly.
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