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  • Promotions and Reputations

    I've just changed how I promote our users to a special usergroup. We previously based on posts only. I've now set

    promotion strategy: posts AND reputation AND date
    reputation comparison type: greater or equal to
    The settings are based on posts >1000; date > 30 days and reputation > 10 (where this sign > means greater or equal to because I don't have the correct one on my keyboard)

    I've got the reputation strategy disabled for our forum which means that, by default, everyone has a reputation of 10.

    I need to omit a couple of people from this special usergroup, however, they have met my date criteria and are about to meet my number of posts criteria. If I manually change their reputation to 0, will the reputation be taken into account for the promotion even though we've got reputation disabled?


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    Just reporting back that I tested this with a few members. It seems that if the reputation was set to 0, they weren't promoted to the special usergroup, despite the fact that we have the reputation feature disabled.


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