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  • [Forum] Delete from admin panel?

    From time to time, I get what I call a "hung thread". Vbulletin doesn't like a post for whatever reason, and the page now won't load properly/entirely. I need to delete the LAST post in a thread, but the edit/delete controls and what not are NOT there because of this, but I can still get the post # and all that. Is there any other way to delete a "bad" post from the admin/control panel somehow if I know a post #? Thanks much!

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    No. You can do it from phpMyAdmin though.

    Often, though not always, the cause is allowing HTML in posts. That's a security risk anyway so go through all your forums and subforums and make sure HTML is disabled. To be extra safe, also go through your user groups and disable HTML. And make sure only Admins can edit or create Notices and Announcements.

    The other case where I have seen this happen is when a member does a copy-paste from another site where the material being pasted includes HTML and scripts.
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      Don't delete posts directly in the database! You will cause problems.
      The deletion of a post is more than just one database query.

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