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The issue of search.php?searchid=0

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  • The issue of search.php?searchid=0

    Hi, I moved my website to another hosting about a month ago, and since that time my vB search does not work at all.

    Whenever I search everything, the address is search.php?searchid=0 and I'm not sure why searchid is 0!

    Could it be related to the PHP Modules?

    It's vBulletin 4.2.2.

    Thanks everyone

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    Probably not related to PHP modules. At least nothing in your list there. Ask your host if they are doing anything to strip variables from the query string. You should also upgrade to 4.2.4 to make sure it isn't a PHP version issue.
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      Thanks Wayne, but the problem still exists


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        Sounds like the searchlogid field in your "searchlog" table has lost its AUTO_INCREMENT status, check that, and if necessary, fix it.
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          Thanks Paul, that was disabled and now I had enabled it. Now the searchid goes up (1,2,3,...), but when I search something, it shows "This page isnít working".

          Different searchids are now added to searchlog table, but the page as I said before, shows error.


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