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Deleted Posts Still Show Under "Last Posts"on Forum Index

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  • [Forum] Deleted Posts Still Show Under "Last Posts"on Forum Index

    The other day my vB4.2 forum was hit by a spammer that was able to create about 82 posts in a matter of seconds and somehow avoid flood detection (not sure how they managed this but it's becoming more common). Anyway I had to go into the admin section and prune the posts that way but when I look at the main index of forums the spammers posts are still showing under the "Last Posts" column on the right even though the posts themselves have all been physically pruned.

    I tried creating a new post in some of the related topics to overwrite this but when I delete my test posts the spammers one automatically goes back to showing under "Last Post" again for that forum/thread. Very annoying. How to fix this?

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    In the end I just solved it by rebuilding all the forums and threads. Painfully slow if I have to do that for every big spammer though.


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      If you soft delete the posts, they will show for people who have permissions to view deleted posts. Users that don't have permission to view deleted posts should see the proper information.

      Move them to a recycle bin and the column will update. If you permanently delete the posts, the column should also update.
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        It wasn't a soft-delete. The column didn't update until I rebuilt all the posts and forums.


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